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What is Roadrunner guest room?

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What is Roadrunner guest room? “Nearby, a VIP lounge called “The Guest Room” allows artists’ friends and family to a breather backstage. Guests can also upgrade their tickets to access the private, 100-person space, complete with a full bar and a livestream of the show.”

How big is the MGM Music Hall at Fenway? Last month, the big outdoor park welcomed an indoor little sister: the 5,000-capacity MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

Is Bruno Mars coming to Boston in 2022? Live in Boston – September 2022!. Unstoppable pop-soul performer Bruno Mars is returning to New England, and fans of his high-voltage live show can’t wait to score tickets to his set at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway Park! The Bruno Mars Boston concert will debut the new music venue with three shows in early September.

What is the capacity of House of Blues Boston? Located 3.6 miles from Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and less than a mile from the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, House of Blues Boston accommodates 25 to 2,200 guests. Our talented staff handles every detail, so you don’t have to!

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What is mezzanine at Roadrunner Boston?

The mezzanine’s stair-like architecture allows guests to easily see the stage over fans in front of them, even if they’re watching from the back row. In fact, Roadrunner’s sightlines are one of the venue’s most striking features, Bhatti says.

Does Roadrunner Boston have coat check?

Past a set of doors there’s a VIP area called the Guest Lounge (get it, because they’re on Guest Street?), with a separate bar, bathrooms, coat check, and VIP entrance, which is decorated with some big light-up lettering that reads “I’M IN LOVE WITH MASSACHUSETTS.”

How long are concerts on average?

So, how long? On average, with a band that has a couple of albums completed, it’s common for a concert to last for 90 minutes to two hours. With more established bands with a number of hit albums and singles to their name, this can increase, but it is a general rule that a concert will last around 90 minutes.

Are masks required at Roadrunner Boston?

The City of Boston Public Health Commission is requiring all attendees to wear a mask while indoors in a public setting.

Does Roadrunner Boston have alcohol?

And from the looks of it, Roadrunner is ready. Ready for fans to crowd in, and drink beer from one of its six bars.

How many people fit in the anthem?

The 57,000-square-foot venue, which cost $60 million, has a movable stage and backdrop that will allow capacity to vary from 2,500 to 6,000. Balconies are closer to the stage than most venues, to offer the best views.

How many people fit in Brooklyn steel?

Brooklyn Steel is a 1,800 capacity cocktail and concert venue located in Brooklyn, New York. Originally a steel factory, hence the inspiration for the venue’s name as well as its industrial look, Brooklyn Steel features a main floor, balcony, three bars, and a private VIP room on the balcony level.

How many people does the MGM Music Hall at Fenway hold?

Opening early Fall 2022, MGM Music Hall Fenway will be the premier event and entertainment venue in Boston. Attached to historic Fenway Park, the 5,000 capacity venue is the perfect location to host your next corporate event, private concert, or convention reception.

Does Roadrunner Boston have seats?

Roadrunner is fully accessible and we are happy to set aside seating for anyone that needs it. After securing your tickets, please email us at with your request. What if the show is 18+, can someone under the age of 18 enter?

How many people can fit in Roadrunner Boston?

The 50,000-square foot, 3,500-person capacity venue is banking on success. Tonight, Billy Strings is playing the venue’s inaugural concert to a sold out house.

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