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What is an example of a segue?

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What is an example of a segue? She quickly segued to the next topic. The band smoothly segued from one song to the next. In the movie, a shot of the outside of the house segued neatly to/into a shot of the family inside the house.

What does segue mean in writing? In general language, the verb segue means “to move smoothly from one topic or activity to another.” The present participle is spelled segueing. Ask for participants’ reactions as a way to segue (or as a way of segueing) into the next subject.

What is a segue in a meeting? A segue is any form of sharing in five minutes or less (any longer than five minutes will start to lose value) that kicks off all meetings. It’s a segue because you are segueing from the day-to-day fray to accomplishing a very specific objective. Segues are things such as these: Any personal good news?

What is an example of a Segway? Segway is the trademark for a two-wheeled, one-person, self-balancing electric vehicle. An example of a Segway is what Gob from the TV show Arrested Development uses for transportation.

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Is segue a word in English?

Meaning of segue in English. to move easily and without interruption from one piece of music, part of a story, subject, or situation to another: His performance of “Caroline” segued into a cover version of “My Tears.”4 days ago

What is a good segue?

A segue is a smooth transition. When you segue in conversation, you change the topic so smoothly that people might not even notice. A good speaker knows how to segue: they can get from one topic to another so easily that you hardly notice the topic changed.

How is segue used?

Definition of ‘segue’. If something such as a piece of music or conversation segues into another piece of music or conversation, it changes into it or is followed by it without a break.

What’s another word for segue?

What is another word for segue?


How do you use Segway in a sentence?

How to use Segway in a sentence. So, you can say goodbye to the old shoe and racing car but say hello to the segway and altoid tin. Other interesting options available include a Segway tour of Alcatraz, and an Alcatraz tour combined with a lovely bay cruise.

What is another word for Segway?

What is another word for Segway scooter?

self-balancing scooterelectric scooter
kick scooterpersonal transportation
push scooterscooter
Segwaytransportation device

Is it a segue or Segway?

Explanation: A segue (from Italian for “it follows”) is a transition. A segway, on the other hand, is a personal transport device. Language Log writes about people thinking that “segue” is a verb created from “segway” and spelled the same way.

How do you ride a Segway?

Why is it called a segue?

The standard spelling segue comes from the use of the word’s Italian root as a direction in music, indicating a transition without interruption.

What does it mean to ride someone slang?

To ride someone is to criticize someone, esp. to forcefully persuade that person to do more or to do what you want: [ T ] Your boss rides you much too hard.4 days ago

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