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What is a wolf deck?

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What is a wolf deck? Wolf Serenity™ Decking with High-Density Cellular™ Technology is a low maintenance decking that provides the color variation and texture of real wood. Its moisture repellency makes it ideal for rainy and coastal regions. Plus it maintains its color, even in the sun, so you can expect long-lasting beauty.

What are the disadvantages of composite decking? Cons of Composite Decking

  • A pricey alternative to wood. Durability comes at a cost, as composite decking is more expensive than wood. …
  • Composites aren’t natural. …
  • Composite decks aren’t completely maintenance free. …
  • You’ll need to comparison shop.

Is Wolf decking slippery? Water on any surface increases the risk of slips and falls. Decking is no exception.

Azek vs Wolf Serenity – Traction.

Slip Resistance (Dry)Slip Resistance (Wet)
Wolf Serenity0.74 – 0.850.75 – 0.87

Is Wolf decking made by Fiberon? Wolf Home Products carries the full line of Fiberon Decking and Fiberon Railing through its network of more than 3,500 independent dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Fiberon’s composite and PVC decking paired with Fiberon’s strong and stylish railing is the perfect combination of ideal performance and longevity.

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Is fiberon still in business?

Today, Fiberon employs more than 500 people, each one working to extend the company’s legacy of quality, innovation and sustainability.

What is the most scratch resistant composite decking?

TimberTech offers the best scratch resistant composite decking so that all types of traffic — whether from two- or four-legged friends — won’t take away from the beauty of your outdoor living space.

What is the difference between fiberon and Trex?

Fiberon’s composite offerings vary slightly more than Trex, as the cheaper Fiberon composites are made from 96% recycled materials, while all Trex decking is made from 95% recycled material. Premium Fiberon decking is only 94% comprised of recyclable material, making it slightly less sustainable than Trex’s products.

Is composite decking slippery?

While composite material offers the best slip resistance of all decking materials, you may still need to do maintenance to prevent the buildup of algae that causes slipperiness.

How do you install wolf decking?

Where is Wolf decking manufactured?

Luckily, there is Wolf Serenity Decking. American-made Wolf Serenity Decking is a durable, weatherproof alternative to traditional wood decks.

What kind of decking material is best?

PVC decking is also the top choice for long-lasting, durable deck boards. Much of this owes to PVC’s water resistance. It’s moisture-absorption that causes most of wood decking’s durability issues: warping, splitting, cracking, mold, mildew, rot, and insect damage.

What material is Wolf decking?

Wolf Perspective Decking is made of 94% recycled material and features a strong core, which helps provide industry leading strength and performance. The texture also mimics the grain of real wood for a premium appearance that will keep your backyard escape looking good, year after year.

Is Wolf decking composite or PVC?

With Wolf Perspective Decking, durability and style surround a strong composite decking core that helps provide industry-leading strength and performance.

Does Wolf decking get hot?

Wolf Decking will retain heat similar to a comparable color-toned wood deck. Darker colors will retain more heat regardless of the product. aRE thERE any OthER bUILdIng matERIaLS that RaISE SURfacE tEmPERatURES? All decking surfaces will get hot in the sun.

How long does Wolf decking last?

Wolf Serenity Porch and Serenity Decking come with a 25-year warranty against staining and fading along with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The latter includes normal wear and tear in residential homes for a period of 50 years.

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