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What does E3 mean on Gotrax scooter?

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What does E3 mean on Gotrax scooter? Error Codes

E1 Error CodeClean Console Connection to Battery with Dry Cloth. Replace Console if this doesn’t work.
E3 Error CodeReplace Console
E5 Error CodeClean Console Connection to Battery with Dry Cloth. Replace Console if this doesn’t work.

Where is the battery in a Gotrax?

Where is GoTrax based? GOTRAX is an Electrical Ridable manufacturing company located in Carrollton TX, providing consumers with green alternative forms of transportation like hover-boards, Electrical Scooters, and Electrical Bikes.

Is the GoTrax electric scooter waterproof? For starters, all of GOTRAX’s electric scooters and e-bikes have an IP waterproof rating attached to them in their specs dropdown menu.

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How do I get rid of GOTRAX?

Gotrax scooter. Upload complete! A: Press down on the tiller tube while pressing the rear fender down. That will unlatch the tiller.

What is GOTRAX warranty?

Original GOTRAX parts and components are covered by a 3-6 Month limited warranty. (If more than 15 days have passed since the date of receipt of the bike, the replacement of parts within the warranty period will require shipping costs.)

How long does a GoTrax electric scooter last?

The V2 is perfect for short commutes and the 36V battery can keep you out on the road for up to 12 miles on a single charge, or at least that’s what the specs say … in realistic conditions you’re more likely to see around 10 miles and if you are on the upper end of the 220 lbs weight limit riding the scooter to its max …

Can you return Gotrax scooter?

Returning Products Within 30 Days of Purchase. Any new and unused product purchased on the Website can be returned within 30 days for a refund (to original method of payment). Customer is responsible for return shipping fees on all orders and ensuring that the product arrives undamaged.

Is GoTrax Chinese company?

GOTRAX is an American company based in Texas. Our products are proudly manufactured by our long term partner Tao Motors, and Independently Quality Control Checked by a 3rd Party.

Does GoTrax have good customer service?

The BBB said they began investigating GoTrax “after receiving hundreds of complaints from customers in 41 states across the United States and Canada.” That’s…. not good.

Do GOTRAX scooters come with warranty?

90 Day – 3 Month – WARRANTY AND REPLACEMENT POLICY. All GOTRAX Hoverboards, Kids Electric Scooters, and other Kids toys are covered under our 90, all-inclusive manufacturer’s warranty for the owner against all manufacturing defects. (All free accessories are not covered by warranty service.)

How can I make my GoTrax scooter faster?

Can you replace Gotrax battery?

Introduction. This is the simplest and easiest way to remove and install a new battery in your Gotrax GXL Scooter. Only tools required are the 4mm Allen wrench and a set of pliers.

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