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What does 30e mean on a GoTrax scooter?

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What does 30e mean on a GoTrax scooter? Password Disconnect Replace Console. Error Codes

Error Code 21e: Current abnormalExchange or Return
Error Code 30e: Password DisconnectReplace Console

How do I fix E2 error on Gotrax scooter? Solutions. E1, E2, E3 – Remove the console and use a soft rag to clean the connector between the console and battery. If this does not work, replace the console. E4 – Replace the motor wheel.

How do I reset my Gotrax scooter code?

What does 25 E mean on Gotrax? Error Code 25: Brake abnormal. Check the brake handle. There is a little switch inside and if the brake handle doesn’t close all the way, this is the source. Open panel for speed controller, check that the brake handle connection is tight. But, most of the time it’s in the brake handle.

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What does E2 error code?

The E1 or E2 error code is an Auto-Stop Protection Error, indicating an issue detected by a sensor. This error code will require service. The E3 error code displays when an Abnormal Operation Protection Error has occurred, and activates to protect the unit from damage.

Why is my Gotrax scooter beeping?

A: The beeping means your battery is low. Make sure to plug it in completely so the charger goes from green to red. Then when it is done it’ll turn green and unplug it.

How do I reset my electric scooter?

What does E2 mean on brake controller?

The E2 error code on the Reliance brake controller is an indication that there is a short on the brake output circuit, blue wire coming from the brake controller or on the trailer. You will need to inspect the Blue wire from the brake controller back for any cut, frayed or exposed wiring.

What does E5 mean on electric scooter?

E5 – This indicates the controller temperature is too high. Let the electric scooter cool down as it has overheated.

Are GoTrax scooters reliable?

While testing the $349 GoTrax GXL V2 for this review, I found it to offer a dependable and comfortable, if unexciting ride. But for many, that’s all you need. And, at less than $400, it’s a great bargain pick among the best electric scooters.

Can you replace the battery on a Gotrax scooter?

Introduction. This is the simplest and easiest way to remove and install a new battery in your Gotrax GXL Scooter. Only tools required are the 4mm Allen wrench and a set of pliers.

Where is the fuse on a Gotrax scooter?

What does E3 mean on Gotrax scooter?

Error Codes

E1 Error CodeClean Console Connection to Battery with Dry Cloth. Replace Console if this doesn’t work.
E3 Error CodeReplace Console
E5 Error CodeClean Console Connection to Battery with Dry Cloth. Replace Console if this doesn’t work.

What does E1 mean on an e scooter?

the reason why it says E1 cause ur motor has failed motor failure, you either have to put a new motor or buy a new scooter.

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