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Is Apollo for Reddit free?

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Is Apollo for Reddit free? In addition to Dynamic Island interactions, the app also offers widgets and Live Activities, so that it also works with other iPhone models. Both the Apollo for Reddit update and the new Pixel Pals app are now available for free in the App Store. However, some features require a paid subscription.3 days ago

What is the best Reddit app for Android? 7 Best Free Reddit Apps For Android in 2022

  • Infinity for Reddit: Best Overall Reddit App For Android. …
  • Boost for Reddit: A Close Reddit App Alternative. …
  • Joey for Reddit: Best Reddit App for Readability. …
  • Sync for Reddit: Best Performance. …
  • Slide for Reddit: Use Reddit Offline on Android. …
  • Relay for Reddit: Best User Interface.

Is Apollo Pro a one time purchase? Apollo is free to download from the App Store, but more functionality can be unlocked through Apollo Pro or Apollo Ultra purchases. Apollo Pro is priced at $4.99 as a one time purchase, and Apollo Ultra is priced starting at $0.99 per month.

How do you make Apollo Multireddit? You start on Apollo’s “home” page where your subreddits are listed. In the top left, you can tap the + button and then choose the option to Create Multireddit. After this, you need to give the multireddit a name — I’m calling mine Apple, and I’ll add any Apple related subreddits I want to follow here.

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How do you pay for Apollo?

In terms of payments, Apollo IPTV supports all the major payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. I recommend going with a monthly plan to test out the IPTV provider.

Is Apollo a good app?

Apollo is a very good-looking app, even without its additional themes, and easy to navigate. Along the bottom of any screen in the app, you’ll find ‘Posts’ to take you to posts within the current subreddit, while a second tap will find your subscribed subreddit list.

How do I unmute NSFW content on Reddit app?

Next, click on “user settings” and open “feed settings”. The first option you will see in the feed settings will be adult content. Turn the toggle on and the NSFW content will start appearing in your feed as well as search results.

What does Apollo Pro give you?

The Extras You Get with Apollo Pro. Submit posts: Gives you the ability to post to any subreddit. Multiple accounts: Sign into as many Reddit accounts as you have. Auto dark mode: Uses your location to switch in and out of dark mode. User-selectable icons: There are 27 different home screen icon options in total.

Does Apollo ultra include Apollo Pro?

Apollo Ultra is a tier above Apollo Pro, and includes everything in Apollo Pro (you don’t need to buy both) as well as extras. It is a subscription of $1 USD per month, or $10 USD per year. There’s also a lifetime unlock option within the app for approximately $50 USD. Why a subscription?

How much is Apollo a month?

The pricing for starts at $15.0 per user per month. has 2 different plans: Basic at $15.00 per user per month. Professional at $47.00 per user per month.

Is Reddit Pro worth?

The Coins seem to be the only worthwhile feature, but you don’t have to be a Premium member to buy them. The bottom line is, Reddit Premium seems to be worth it only as a way to support the platform you love. With a yearly total of $72 (if you pay monthly), you’re simply not getting that much value for your money.

Is Apollo for Reddit good?

Apollo is one of the best iPhone apps for Reddit. If you’re tired of the bugs and UI inconsistencies in the official Reddit app and want something that’s better, Apollo is the app to try. The Apollo experience is great in itself, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t enable its best features.

What is the best Reddit app?

The best Reddit apps for 2022

  • Relay for Reddit. …
  • Slide for Reddit. …
  • Infinity for Reddit. …
  • Joey for Reddit. …
  • Boost for Reddit. …
  • Now for Reddit. …
  • Apollo. …
  • BaconReader. While BeaconReader is nowhere near close to Apollo in terms of look and overall functionality, it offers a good enough experience to ditch the official Reddit app.

What’s the best Reddit app for iPhone?

Here is our list of best iPhone Reddit apps:

  • Apollo – the best iPhone Reddit app.
  • Narwhal – Easy-to-use Reddit app for iPhone.
  • Slide – Blazing-fast Reddit experience.
  • Readder – Great for subreddit tracking.
  • Comet – Minimalistic Reddit app.
  • Reddit – the official app.

How much is the Apollo Pro?

Apollo Pro Reservation. The first connected, high-performance, electric scooter. Expected to deliver in Q2 of 2023. Expected to start at $3599 or $99/month USD.

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