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How long does the GXL V2 last?

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How long does the GXL V2 last? approx 9-12 miles. EABS + Disc Braking

Gotrax GXL V2 Electric ScooterGotrax G4 Electric Scooter
Max. Rangeapprox 9-12 miles(Depends on riding style and terrain)approx 21-25 miles(Depends on riding style and terrain)
Max Rider Weight220lb220lb
Battery Capacity187.2 Wh374.4Wh
Motor Watt250W350W

Does the GoTrax GXL V2 have cruise control?

Is GOTRAX Chinese company? GOTRAX is an American company based in Texas. Our products are proudly manufactured by our long term partner Tao Motors, and Independently Quality Control Checked by a 3rd Party.

Does the Gotrax GXL V2 have gears? As we also learned, the GOTRAX really does fly, and the first of two gears accelerates it up to 8.6 mph in what seemed like seconds. To switch it into second gear, the same On button controls the gear shifting. Press and hold it for two seconds to swap gears up to 15.5 mph thanks to the motor.

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What is the fastest GOTRAX scooter?

How Fast Does a GoTrax Scooter Go? This depends on the model you choose. The G4 is the fastest, hitting a top speed of 20 mph, whereas the other models in the adult line only reach around 15.5 mph. The GKS, for kids, has a maximum speed of 7.5 mph and is fitted with a safety cap so that it can’t go any higher.

Does GOTRAX have a speed limiter?

Select this button to switch the speed limiter on the indicator will then come on in the instrumentMore Select this button to switch the speed limiter on the indicator will then come on in the instrument panel. And you then need to define a speed to set a speed for the first time.

Can I make my GOTRAX go faster?

How do I make my GOTRAX faster?

How many years do GOTRAX scooters last?

There is a big chance that this scooter will last well over 2 years, and renewing the battery is likely to be the only additional purchase needed.

Can you overcharge GOTRAX?

Make sure you do not overcharge your GXL V2 Commuter Scooter. Overcharging can shorten the lifespan of your battery, make it over heat quicker and can result in the battery becoming unusable. Keep your scooter out of extreme temperatures.

Is GoTrax a reliable brand?

The BBB said they began investigating GoTrax “after receiving hundreds of complaints from customers in 41 states across the United States and Canada.” That’s…. not good.

Can you ride GoTrax in the rain?

Our electric scooters and e-bikes can handle light to mild rain for your commute and quick trips. We recommend avoiding deep puddles and heavy rainstorms though as it could lead to problems with the wiring or battery in your ride.

Are Gotrax scooters worth it?

The best budget electric scooter under $300. There’s a reason why the GoTrax GXL V2 is the best-selling cheap scooter – it has everything a beginner needs. With a sturdy build, decent top speed, and well-rounded rider comfort, the GXL V2 is built to take the stress out of the short journeys.

Does GoTrax GXL V2 have regenerative braking?

The GXL Commuter V2 comes with front regenerative and rear disc brakes. The front regenerative brake is decent, but the real star of the show is the rear disc brake. During our 14 mph to 0 braking tests, the V2 had a stopping distance of 16.7-feet. This is a good result.

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Table of Contents
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