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How do I speed up my Unagi scooter?

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How do I speed up my Unagi scooter? There are 3 speed modes, each with increasing caps for top speed and acceleration (E350 / E500). Double press the small button above the right throttle to toggle between modes. 1. Beginner (eco mode): 9 mph / 11 mph for a soft and smooth riding experience.

Are Unagi scooters waterproof? Unagi scooters have an IP-54 rating which makes them splash-proof. Riding in light rain or on damp streets will not damage the scooter. However, water damage becomes more likely if exposed to rain for long periods of time or even short but heavy downfalls.

What happens if you stop paying Unagi? If You fail to make regularly scheduled payments to Unagi after a grace period of fourteen (14) days while You are in possession of Unagi property, Unagi has the right to charge a late fee of $2 per day for each scooter in Your possession, in addition to the regular rental fee.

How do I cancel my Unagi scooter? To cancel, simply contact us and we’ll provide instructions to return your scooter. Your account will be canceled and scheduled payments will be stopped as soon as we receive your scooter. There are no minimum terms and no cancelation fees.

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What scooter app is the cheapest?

Bird – Electric Vehicle Sharing Company. Based on these factors, we can consider Bird as the cheapest e scooter app.

Can you ride Unagi in rain?

Many high quality, water-resistant electric scooters, like the Unagi Model One, have a rating of IP54. This means they can be ridden in light rain and will not be negatively affected by the occasional shallow puddle.

How many miles do Unagi scooters last?

The team at Unagi claims that the Model One can reach 15.5 miles on a single charge but optimizing for this range relies on a few variables: a lightweight rider, riding in ‘eco’ mode, and a flat road with favorable weather conditions.

Can I return my Unagi scooter?

Yes. All-Access scooters are the property of Unagi and must be returned to us no matter what, even if badly damaged. Please hold onto your box, as you will need it in the event that you must replace your scooter or cancel your subscription.

Do Unagi scooters have GPS?

Unagi Model Eleven Basics. It has a swappable battery under its deck, a Bluetooth audio system for bumping your favorite tunes, and dual regenerative brakes. It also features a GPS tracking system with a remote kill switch and an A.I. -powered safety system just for technological flex.

How can I make my Unagi scooter faster?

-Hold down the brake and accelerator simultaneously and push the power button 10 times. There should be a beep if successful. -Set the scooter to speed mode 3 and ride without limits!

Does the Unagi scooter have an app?

Unagi scooters do not currently require any applications to start and ride. Simply hold the center button for 3 seconds to turn on the scooter. Stay tuned for updates about our app in development.

Can you return an electric scooter on Amazon?

We recognize this is a big purchase and want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to buy a Glion Electric Scooter. If at any time within thirty days of receiving your order, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund.

What is Unagi all access?

The Unagi All-Access price includes home delivery of the scooter, maintenance, insurance against damage or theft, and replacement scooters should something happen to yours. As the company explained: “Your Unagi subscription guarantees maximum scoot-time.

How fast is the unagi scooter?

This Unagi Model One electric scooter features a 275-lb. weight capacity to accommodate adult riders and speeds of up to 19 mph provide an adrenaline rush.

Is the Unagi scooter worth it?

At nearly $1,000, the Unagi Model One is not cheap, but it’s the best electric scooter, especially for those who need to get up steep hills. It has powerful motors, a bright and clear display, and it has an awesome sense of style, too.4 days ago

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