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How do I create a product in Warrior Plus?

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How do I create a product in Warrior Plus? Create Your Warrior Plus Product In ClickFunnels

  • From within your Order Form page, click on funnel Settings.
  • Scroll down to 3rd Party Membership Access and click Add Product.
  • Give your product a Name.
  • Select Warrior Plus as your Billing Integration.
  • Set your Amount and Currency.

Which is the best affiliate program? 20 Best Affiliate Platforms in 2022

  • Amazon Associates. It is the best affiliate marketing platform for beginners as you need not worry about reaching a certain amount of sales volume for earning a higher commission. …
  • Awin. …
  • Flipkart Affiliate. …
  • Reseller Club. …
  • BigRock Affiliate. …
  • ClickBank. …
  • Optimise. …
  • Cuelinks.

Is JVZoo legit? Is JVZoo Legit? JVZoo is definitely legitimate. It’s important to note that many of the programs offered through the JVZoo affiliate network are of poor quality. It’s easy to find overhyped, useless offers.

How do I link warrior plus with PayPal?

How do I create a product in Warrior Plus? – Related Questions


How do I get started with Warrior Plus?

Is warrior plus an affiliate program?

The WarriorPlus affiliate program offers single-tier commissions, which means the affiliates earn commissions only on sales they generate. Moreover, the affiliate program offers a fixed commission structure, with a minimum payout of $15.

How much does the 12 minute affiliate program cost?

To use the most basic version of 12 Minute Affiliate and get your system up and running, you will need to spend: $9.95 for the first 14 days of access to 12MA. $99 to $192 on traffic (90-100 visitors, price dependent on niche)

How does Warrior plus make money?

Does warrior plus cost money?

Pricing: WarriorPlus. While you can join the WarriorPlus network for free, they do charge a 4.9% plus . 10 cent fee per transaction. This is deducted before any other commissions or payouts are calculated. You may be eligible for lower rates based on your total sales revenue within the previous 30-day period.

What is Warrior Plus all about?

What is WarriorPlus? WarriorsPlus is an affiliate marketing platform for two kinds of users, Vendors: People who have their own digital products and wanna sell it online. Hence they end up listing their products on places like WarriorPlus.

How does affiliate on warrior plus work?

In order to do so, please follow these steps.

  • Create a WarriorPlus account. In order to access the affiliate system, you must have an account with WarriorPlus. …
  • Add a Paypal Account to Receive Funds. …
  • Request offers to promote. …
  • Get Your Affiliate Link(s)

What is Pulse score in Warrior Plus?

Offers on WarriorPlus have a “Pulse” score, which is an indicator of affiliate performance for that offer over the past few months. A higher “pulse” would indicate more overall activity for an offer, based on the number of different people making sales, as well as some other factors related to overall sales numbers.

How do I withdraw money from Warrior Plus?

To withdraw funds from your WarriorPlus wallet balance: Click on your username in the upper right hand corner, while logged into your WarriorPlus account. Click on ‘W+ Wallet’. Click on Withdraw Funds if the button is green and active and you have funds to withdraw.

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Table of Contents
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