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Can a 10 year old ride a Segway?

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Can a 10 year old ride a Segway? A Segway Tour participant must be 11 years old or older. We do not set an age that is too old to ride. We have had many people in their 80’s and at least one in their 90’s enjoy a glide with us.

What is a Segway for kids? A Mini Segway is similar to hoverboards, except the fact that a mini Segway has a balancing stick that lets you steer the vehicle around. A hoverboard, however, works in the way you balance your body on top of the vehicle.

Which Segway scooter is best for kids? The full-featured Segway Ninebot comes in several models to cater to a wide age range of kids. Each model offers a different maximum speed, maximum weight limit, and handlebar height. The E8 has a lower 8.6 mph max, and a lower and more narrow handlebar, making it ideal for younger kids.

How old do u have to be to ride a Segway? Riders must wear the safety helmet at all times Waiver must be signed by all riders Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian Must weigh between 100lbs (45kg) and 260lbs (117kg) Handle bar cargo and additional attached personal items: 10lbs (4.5kg) Riders must be between 5′ and 6’5” tall …

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How old can you be to ride a Segway?

Segway Personal Transporter. Rider Requirements: Riders must be at least 12 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Are Segways safe than Hoverboards?

Injuries from Segway accidents can be just as severe as Hoverboard injuries even resulting in death. In a bizarre twist, the company’s owner James Heselden died in a Segway-related accident in 2010. Amongst the 33-recorded injuries, some of the most serious include head and brain injuries, broken bones, and sprains.

What age is Segway Ninebot for?

6-12 yrs. Description

Recommended age6-12 yrs
Max. driver weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Net weight7.9 kg (17.4 lbs)
Max. SpeedUp to 14 km/h (8.7 mph)
Max. rangeUp to approx. 10 km (6.2 miles) ; approx. 40 min

What age is a Ninebot for?


Ninebot S Kids
Ages8+ years
RequirementsHeight3’6″-5’9″(110-180 cm)
Maximum speedApprox. 8.7mph(14 km/h)
Typical range[1]Approx. 8 miles(13 km)

What’s the top speed of a Segway?


  • Battery Charge Time. 3 hours.
  • Maximum Operating Range. 13.7 miles.
  • Maximum Speed. 9.9 miles per hour.
  • Power. 59.5 volts.

What is better than a hoverboard?

For transportation and commuting, electric scooters are superior to hoverboards. Electric scooters are safer, easier to use, faster, have more range, climb better, and are better suited for heavier adults. They have been around longer, and are a much more tested and proven technology.

Are Segways safe?

Absolutely yes! Segway’s are definitely safe for seniors. Segway’s are safe for people between the ages of 12 and 75. There are many thousands of people over the age of 65 that own Segway’s and use them every day.

Are Segway Ninebot safe?

Segway’s line of Ninebot KickScooters and related products are designed to be a safe, clean mode of transportation that benefits the environment. But with their two wheels, gyroscopic sensors, dynamic stabilization system, and electric motors, many people buy them simply because they’re fun to ride.

Are Hoverboards safe for 8 year olds?

Most hoverboards are recommended for kids 8 years old and older. That said, only you know your child. Riding a hoverboard does require quite a bit of balance and coordination that doesn’t always develop by a certain age. Additionally, hoverboards for kids have different max speeds – anywhere from about 6 mph to 9 mph.

Can a 7 year old ride a Segway?

There are no minimum age restrictions, however riders have to be at least 134cm tall and over 45kg (7.1 stone) as well as under 117kg (18.4 stone).

Are Hoverboards safe for kids?

Overall, the best modern hoverboards are safe for a child to use, as well as an adult. There have been safety issues in the past and there certainly are risks to riding one of these boards. The big thing is making sure you understand how to properly ride your hoverboard safely.

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