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Are Apollo Scooters waterproof?

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Are Apollo Scooters waterproof? All of our scooters are IP54 water resistant. This translates into withstanding occasional light rain and riding on wet surfaces, but we recommend avoiding riding in wet conditions if it is avoidable. Please note that any scooters that are damage by water are not covered under warranty.

What’s the best Reddit app for iPhone? Here is our list of best iPhone Reddit apps:

  • Apollo – the best iPhone Reddit app.
  • Narwhal – Easy-to-use Reddit app for iPhone.
  • Slide – Blazing-fast Reddit experience.
  • Readder – Great for subreddit tracking.
  • Comet – Minimalistic Reddit app.
  • Reddit – the official app.

Is Apollo free to use? Apollo is free to download from the App Store, but more functionality can be unlocked through Apollo Pro or Apollo Ultra purchases. Apollo Pro is priced at $4.99 as a one time purchase, and Apollo Ultra is priced starting at $0.99 per month.

How much is the Apollo Pro? Apollo Pro Reservation. The first connected, high-performance, electric scooter. Expected to deliver in Q2 of 2023. Expected to start at $3599 or $99/month USD.

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Is Apollo for Reddit good?

Apollo is one of the best iPhone apps for Reddit. If you’re tired of the bugs and UI inconsistencies in the official Reddit app and want something that’s better, Apollo is the app to try. The Apollo experience is great in itself, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t enable its best features.

Does Apollo ultra include pro?

Apollo Ultra is a tier above Apollo Pro, and includes everything in Apollo Pro (you don’t need to buy both) as well as extras. It is a subscription of $1 USD per month, or $10 USD per year. There’s also a lifetime unlock option within the app for approximately $50 USD. Why a subscription?

How do I add an account to Apollo?

To create your Apollo user account, visit and click Create an account. You can sign up either with an email and password, or with an existing GitHub account.

Is Apollo a good electric scooter brand?

Apollo Pro: Review Conclusions. The base 52V Apollo Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance scooter with comfort, control, and power that’s not too heavy. If you choose the 52V Pro, we suggest upgrading to the hydraulic brakes for improved ride quality.

What was the top speed of Apollo?

Additionally, Apollo 10 set the record for the highest speed attained by a crewed vehicle: 39,897 km/h (11.08 km/s or 24,791 mph) on , during the return from the Moon.

Where is Apollo scooters made?

All vehicles are designed, developed, and tested at the HQ in Montreal, Canada. Apollo continues to rely on internal and external quality control systems to ensure the highest level of build quality in all of its vehicles, including a 5,000KM roll test for every new vehicle.

Does Apollo ghost fold?

No, the Ghost is not a premium dual motor beast, and doesn’t ride like one, but it also doesn’t come with a luxury price tag.

Apollo Ghost Specifications From Manufacturer.

Weight64 lb
Folded dimensions51 by 15 by 21 in
Motor power, continuous1600 W

Is Apollo Pro a one time fee?

Apollo Pro unlocks extra features and is a one-time fee, but Apollo Ultra includes a notification server that has ongoing monthly costs to me (the developer) to rent and maintain that add up and can’t really be covered by the fee associated with Pro (especially when trying to keep Pro affordable at a few bucks).

What is the best Reddit app?

The best Reddit apps for 2022

  • Relay for Reddit. …
  • Slide for Reddit. …
  • Infinity for Reddit. …
  • Joey for Reddit. …
  • Boost for Reddit. …
  • Now for Reddit. …
  • Apollo. …
  • BaconReader. While BeaconReader is nowhere near close to Apollo in terms of look and overall functionality, it offers a good enough experience to ditch the official Reddit app.

How do you pay for Apollo?

In terms of payments, Apollo IPTV supports all the major payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. I recommend going with a monthly plan to test out the IPTV provider.

How much is Apollo a month?

The pricing for starts at $15.0 per user per month. has 2 different plans: Basic at $15.00 per user per month. Professional at $47.00 per user per month.

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